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'Miracle' Star Michael Mantenuto Commits Suicide at 35

4/27/2017 8:38 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Michael Mantenuto -- who played Jack O'Callahan in Disney's "Miracle" -- killed himself Monday in Washington State.

The actor, a former University of Maine hockey player, was found dead in his car by police in Des Moines. WA. The coroner tells TMZ ... Michael committed suicide by shooting himself. 

As a budding actor with hockey skills, Michael landed the role in the Disney flick about the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. He only acted in 2 other movies, and went on to enlist in the army ... and joined the Special Forces.

Col. Guillaume Beaurpere, commander of Mantenuto's army unit, announced his death.

He was 35.

J Lo Opens Can o' Whoop Ass on Dude ... For TV Show

4/27/2017 9:30 AM PDT

We've been seeing a lot of Jennifer Lopez glammed up with A-Rod lately, so here's a nice change-up -- J Lo armed, dangerous and kicking some dude's ass at gunpoint.

Jenny was back on a Big Apple block Wednesday filming her TV show, "Shades of Blue," and Officer Santos totally took down the perp during this scene.

Definitely a departure from her date nights with Alex.

J Lo might not have nailed it on the first time, but we're guessing her co-star didn't mind a couple retakes. Would you?

'The Simpsons' Spoofs Trump's First 100 Days ... Kill Spicer, Put Ivanka On SCOTUS

4/27/2017 7:49 AM PDT

"The Simpsons" envision Ivanka Trump as a Supreme Court Justice, and Sean Spicer killing himself ... at least in the show's version of Donald Trump's first 100 days in office.

The spoof airs on Sunday's episode, and even the staunchest Trump haters would have to say it's super dark -- Spicer hanging himself in the White House Press Room, Ruth Bader Ginsburg getting 86'd for Ivanka, while hawking robes and the prez himself weeping over ... well, you gotta watch.

Of course, Trump's made no secret of his love for FOX News. Gotta wonder if he'll be watching the mother ship Sunday night.

Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Made Me a Better Person

4/27/2017 6:25 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian says the Paris robbery was meant to happen to her and she actually sounds grateful for how it's changed her.

Kim told Ellen authorities gave her lawyer the lowdown -- the robbers followed her on social media for 2 years as she flaunted her jewelry, cars and other expensive stuff. She says it put a big fat target on her head.

Kim broke down as she explained how the robbery has made her a better mother and how she has changed her world view on material possession.

It's actually pretty interesting. The full interview airs Thursday on 'Ellen.'

Johnny Depp Commandeers Pirates of The Caribbean at Disneyland

4/27/2017 7:08 AM PDT

Johnny Depp gave Disneyland fans a HUGE surprise when he showed up on the sidelines of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

It went down Wednesday in Anaheim. When the boats cruised into a grotto, Depp was there among the animatronics ... in full character.

You hear the people on the ride totally lose it.

The new 'Pirates' flick drops at the end of May, so it's a pretty clever promo. No word if he'll be making more surprise appearances, but yo ho, Johnny, yo ho!

Chris Soules Social Media and Cell Phone Will Determine Fate In Fatal Crash

4/27/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Chris Soules' fate in the fatal car crash could be determined by his cell phone ... and the stakes are high -- a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

Law enforcement sources involved in the investigation tell us they're especially interested to know if Soules was a distracted driver by using his cell phone at the time of the crash. We're told law enforcement seized his phone and they will be looking at texts, photos, social media posts and his call log.

We're told Soules loved taking photos of sunsets as he drove down Iowa roads and regularly posted them on Twitter. He has now deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

If it's determined Soules was using his phone at the time of the crash, our sources say a vehicular manslaughter charge is definitely on the table.

As for the charge he now faces -- the felony of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death -- our Iowa law enforcement sources say they believe he'll be prosecuted but will not be convicted.

Our sources say the fact Soules is famous works against him, because prosecutors don't want to appear soft on celebrities. Based on what our law enforcement sources tell us, here's what Soules has working for and against him.


-- Soules left the scene of the accident before cops arrived. This deprived law enforcement of determining if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fact is ... since he was in a standoff at his house for hours before he was taken to a hospital where blood was drawn, there's almost no chance of determining if drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash.

-- Open containers of beer were found in Soules' truck.

-- He did not provide anyone at the scene with his driver's license, proof of insurance and other relevant information.

-- He caused the accident by rear-ending the tractor.


-- The 911 audio works to Soules' benefit in a significant way. He identifies himself by name and tells the dispatcher he was involved in the accident. He also administered first aid by checking the victim's pulse. It appears he left just as paramedics were arriving, so there's nothing more he could have done to aid the victim.

-- Soules sounds coherent in the 911 audio. So, even if he had a drink or 2, at least from outward appearances, he didn't seem intoxicated.

-- There were skid marks showing Soules tried braking before the crash. Also, one law enforcement source tells TMZ, based on the skid marks, it does not appear he was driving at an excessive speed.

Our sources say although they believe prosecutors will charge Soules, if the case goes to trial, "it's a loser." As one source said, "Iowa juries that understand rural life are not going to convict a guy who tries helping the victim before leaving."

Our sources believe this case will end up in civil court and Soules will settle by paying a substantial amount of money to the victim's family.

Stephen Belafonte Ex Baby Mama Says Mel B's Accusations Ring True

4/27/2017 7:03 AM PDT

Stephen Belafonte did Mel B dirty and she's not the only one ... so says a woman who had a baby with him. 

Nicole Contreras was at Craig's Wednesday, and she had nothing nice to say about her ex. She says, among other things, Belafonte is a deadbeat dad who has not paid child support for their 12-year-old daughter, Giselle.

She didn't marry Belafonte but, based on the timeline, it looks like Mel B was Belafonte's rebound after breaking up with Nicole.

Nicole's squarely in Mel B's corner ... saying all her horror stories ring true.

Justin Bieber Sorry, Kendrick ... I Won't Sit Down to be 'HUMBLE.'

4/27/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Justin Bieber's dance moves are about to go viral -- dude was GIGGIN' hard to Kendrick Lamar's new single at an NBA playoff game ... awkwardness be damned.

The Biebs had box seats for Game 5 of the Clippers/Jazz series in L.A. Tuesday night, and was inspired to get up and dance when he heard Kendrick's song, "HUMBLE."

Some ticket holders got an up close and personal show of JB doing his thing ... especially the guy next to him. Too close, maybe.

Kendrick was in the house, and had the honor of sitting courtside. Key word ... sitting. No one knows his music better than K-Dot.

Dave Grohl My Ma Wrote a Book!!!

4/27/2017 6:48 AM PDT

Dave Grohl is super proud of his mom's new book about raising him ... but when it comes to describing the kind of kid Dave was growing up ... well, he stepped in and ended that conversation! 

We got Dave and his mother, Virginia, in NYC Wednesday -- where she kicked off her tour for her new book, "From Cradle to Stage: Stories From the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars," on 'The Late Show.'

The book sounds interesting ... Virginia interviews the mothers of Dr. Dre, Amy Winehouse, Adam Levine and others ... chronicling trajectories to fame.

In other news...

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Sean Kingston So, My Payments Are Late ... Jewelers Know I'm Good For It!

4/27/2017 7:03 AM PDT

Sean Kingston is getting a raw deal from all the jewelers who've sued him for not paying for a bunch of chains and watches ... at least that's HIS story, and he's sticking to it.

Sean was at LAX flashing what he says is nearly $300k worth of ice and silver and gold -- so, naturally our guy had to ask why he's constantly got lawyers on his ass to pay for his bling. The singer/songwriter breaks down the giant conspiracy to take him down.

And Sean insists ... he ALWAYS pays. Eventually.

It's an interesting excuse explanation. Maybe not a good one, but still ...

Tamar Braxton 'The Real' Fired Me But I'm Going to the Emmys

4/27/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Hell yeah, Tamar Braxon's going onstage and celebrating if "The Real" ends up winning a Daytime Emmy Sunday night ... even though the show fired her last year.

Tamar -- on an upcoming appearance on "Home & Family" -- was undaunted by her pink slip, insisting she's not only going to the ceremony ... if the show wins, she'll go onstage to get what's hers. 

The singer was a co-host from 2013 to 2016 before she was given the boot.

In case you're wondering ... "The Real" has stiff competition for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts ...  with "Live with Kelly" and "The View" among the nominees.

Tamar's appearance on "Home & Family airs Thursday at 10am/9c on the Hallmark Channel.

In other news...

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Kendrick Lamar Praised By LAPD Commish We Bonded At Clippers Game

4/27/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Something crazy went down at the Clippers game ... Kendrick Lamar forged a real, powerful friendship with the LAPD commissioner. 

K-Dot's lyrics haven't exactly been pro-cop over the years -- he rapped about hating the po-po on "Alright" and once performed the song on top of a burned up police car. 

Which is why it was shocking when he posed for a pic Tuesday night at the Clippers game with LAPD commish Steve Soboroff ... one of the top cops in L.A.

We spoke with Soboroff who says it wasn't a cheap PR stunt -- the guys are REALLY friends and have a mutual respect and understanding for each other. 

"Do I support anti-police sentiment and speech?" Soboroff said ... "No, of course not. He expresses through his art form his feelings, and I respect that. And I think he respects – or I hope he would respect – how seriously we take community policing and understanding people’s views."

Soboroff says the two are on such good terms, Kendrick helped him buy tickets to the rapper's upcoming concert at Staples Center for his son (Steve's more of a Sinatra guy). 

Bottom line ... "I consider him a friend, and I think he considers me a friend."

At least someone in L.A. won at the Clippers game. 

Deputy Andy Brennan in 'Twin Peaks' 'Memba Him?!

4/27/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Harry Goaz is best known for playing the dimwitted Deputy Andy Brennan -- opposite Kyle MacLachlan in the David Lynch cult classic 'Twin Peaks.' Guess what he looks like now!